Making Meetings Matter: Get Creative!

greentruck-300x199Without a doubt, it’s important to seek value when planning an event, but this doesn’t mean you can cut corners, and skimp on the creativity. This Pragmatic Planning Tip involves feeding your guests and creating unique atmosphere all in one step.

Bring food trucks to the hotel for a themed welcome reception. That’s right, food trucks are becoming increasingly trendy and popular, even in high-end settings. Food trucks lend an alternative, fun aesthetic to your event, and they really serve to highlight the local ‘flavors’ of your event’s location. Starting off your event with this unexpected display is sure to make for a memorable experience.

Even if you have a different plan to kick your event off, there are other ways to integrate food trucks into your program. Consider having a food truck send your guests off with a surprise dessert — hot doughnuts anyone? — on the way out of an event, or have them serve up some late-night fun food after an evening event to give everyone a little boost.

Adding to your benefit, the food trucks themselves are doubly effective for you event production. They serve as a unique décor backdrop that can really set the tone for your event, and the hotel can use the trucks for food staging. The cost for the whole experience simply goes against the food and beverage minimum at the hotel, so you’ll be getting outstanding value for your resources. This is a great way to turn an ordinary sales meeting into an extraordinary experience, and it won’t break that bank.

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