Three ways to get more value from your meetings.

event-productionMeetings are essential to growing your business, and there’s plenty of evidence showing they consistently deliver a huge ROI. But it’s what you do at those meetings that can take the returns on your investment from solid to spectacular. Here are three of the most important things you can do to get more from your meeting without breaking the bank.

Make you meeting a memorable experience.

Lots of people think if they’ve been to one business meeting, they’ve been to them all. A huge part of making a meeting impactful is creating a unique environment that isn’t just a fancy forum for exchanging business cards and business-related acronyms. There are numerous ways to take your meeting out of the realm of also-ran, ordinary events: creative locations that aren’t part of the hotel; non-traditional teambuilding activities that don’t involve pipe cleaners and wood glue; presentations with more than just pie charts. Think about partnering with some local vendors for catering and venue choices to add a unique feel to the meeting for your attendees.        


Use social media to extend your meeting’s impact – pre and post event.

Building a sense of place and excitement before and after your event goes a long way towards determining how much attendees will get out of your meeting. Think about creating a social media group where you post updates and photos of venues and events in the lead up to the meeting, and then encourage attendees to post photographs, ideas and experiences after the meeting to keep the momentum going and capitalize on the opportunities that come with getting the group together.


Increase engagement with event technology.

Increasing audience engagement goes a long way to getting the most value from your event. Participation keeps people working towards a meeting’s outcomes and provides valuable feedback about how effective your meeting is. Event technology like audience response systems allow people to participate immediately, where their actions can even impact and drive a presentation in real time. Help build engagement that actively measures and builds upon your ROI by utilizing the tools and techniques that are already available.


There are lots of ways to take your meetings a step further without burning through your budget. Whether it’s catering a lunch with local food trucks, utilizing social media to give your meeting increased reach, or actively measuring your event and engaging participants while it’s happening, do more to help set your meetings apart.  If you’re looking for a few ideas to creatively get more value from your meetings, give VIP Meeting Services a call.

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